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Trusting the Resurrected King - Discussion Guide: April 10, 2022

Acts 1:6-26

Whose voice do you trust the most in your life?

The example we see of the Disciples trusting Christ after His resurrection and after His ascension, teach us great things about what our trust in Christ should look like.

Imagine giving up your career, your heritage, and your reputation to follow Jesus with everything for three years; only to have Him suddenly leave you. Even though Jesus had been warning His disciples of His coming departure, they were not seeing clearly the events that would take place. So now that Christ died, rose from the dead, and now has spent the last 40 days with them, He is now leaving them.

Even though He is leaving, they must still remember that He is their Lord. If Christ was worthy enough for them to surrender their lives to follow on earth, then why would that change if He were not on earth. Different challenges may arise, but followers of Christ follow because of who Christ is, not because of where He is. We will see in Acts 1, that the Disicples are learning to trust Christ in big and small things as He sovereignly advances His Kingdom

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