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About Hunter

"Our mission is to make mature disciples of Jesus Christ within a transformational community."

(Matt 28:18, Acts 4:32, Ephesians 4:15)


Hunter First Baptist Church is located just outside of Elizabethton, Tennessee in the shadow of Holston Mountain. For nearly two centuries the people of Hunter First have worshiped and served together in the name of Jesus Christ. Through trials and triumph, God has equipped Hunter to be on mission in Carter County and around the globe. Our desire is to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ reach all people and to glorify the Lord as we help them walk with Him.

Hunter First Baptist Church in Elizabethton, TN

Disciple Making Process

we seek to develop disciples of Jesus Christ by intentionally investing time in:

Hunter First Baptist Church in Elizabethton, TN


Seeing Christ Through God's Word

Hunter First Baptist Church in Elizabethton, TN


Sharing Christ Through Relationships

Hunter First Baptist Church in Elizabethton, TN


Showing Christ Through Service

What is a Mature Disciple?

Mature disciples are followers of Jesus who will continually pursue growth in the following areas: 

Family Member

Family Members seek to be committed to God’s family and to the church


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Worshipers seek to live sacrificial lives of pleasing worship to the Lord


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Servants seek to use their gifts and talents to build up the church and to show the love of Christ to the world


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Stewards seek to use their resources to take and to send the Gospel to those in need



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By the power of the Holy Spirit, witnesses seek to share the Gospel in their words and actions with the world around them

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