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The Powerful Word of God - February 26, 2023

Acts 17:1-34

There are many reasons that believers give for why they do not share the Gospel, but what it ultimately comes down to, is that many Christians just do believe that God can use the Gospel message that they proclaim.

As Paul continues through Macedonia preaching the Gospel, he encounters various Jews and Gentiles with various beliefs and various responses. Some Jews believe, others oppose. Some Gentiles believe, others ridicule. But in the different cities with the different people, Paul preaches the same Gospel from the Word of God, and God uses it to powerfully transform lives. Paul believed that God could and would work through him proclaiming the truth of the Gospel. Followers of Christ must trust the results of the Gospel to the hand of God and seek to be faithful in proclaiming, no matter what happens.

The Powerful Word of God - Acts 17.1-34 - Study Guide
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