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The Birth of the Church - Discussion Guide: May 1, 2022

Updated: May 1, 2022

Acts 2:1-21

Are you exercising the power you have through the Holy Spirit?

Chapter 2 of Acts begins with God delivering on one of His most treasured promises. The Holy Spirit descends onto the believers in the upper room and mankind is forever changed. In response to this indescribable event, the disciples submit to the Spirit as they speak in languages that allow all who have gathered to miraculously understand. A revival for the ages is about to break out, and the church of Jesus Christ is set to change the world.

We gather together every week as a result of this miraculous encounter with the Holy Spirit. As believers we should continue to submit and serve boldly, expectant that God just might launch a new revival with us!

The Birth of the Church - Acts2.1-21
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