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Maybe Personal Holiness Affects More Than We Realize - Discussion Guide: June 26, 2022

Acts 4:32-5:11

Have you ever thought about how your personal life affects others? How it affects the church? How it affects your faith?

In these two stories we see the Spirit of God working through the church, changing hearts and creating Biblical unity. But we also see how hearts that aren't changed even though they appear to be, create great disunity within the church. We find a married couple that tries to appear holy like everyone else, but actually ends up being judged by God for having deceptive hearts.

We are taught here to see the high value that God places on the unity of the church, but also the grave danger that we are in if we focus on appearance rather than holiness.

Maybe Personal Holiness Affects More Than We Realize - Acts 4.32-5.11 - Study Guide
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