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Discussion Guide: April 3, 2022

An Unstoppable Movement - Acts 1:1-5

A "movement" is defined as a group of people with a particular set of beliefs that promote change within their lives and others' lives.

The book of Acts describes a similar type of movement, except only this movement is lead by the Resurrected King Jesus, backed by the intentional plan of God the Father, and executed by the power of the Holy Spirit. This movement of the people of God within the Kingdom of God is an unstoppable movement, not because of the people that it involves, but because of the God that leads it. Join us on this journey through the book of Acts over the next months to see how God uses and equips those in His Kingdom to accomplish His mission, while they await His return.

Check out the following resources to help guide your understanding of the book of Acts and the direction of our study. The first document below is a detailed overview of the series, and the second is the Small Group Discussion Guide for April 3. Please utilize information from both documents in your group discussion. The final two links include a two-part video series from the Bible Project that gives a great overview of the Book of Acts that will be helpful for the study as well.

Acts Sermon Series Overview 2022
Download PDF • 1.22MB

Acts Introduction - Acts 1.1-5- Study Guide
Download PDF • 142KB

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