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Defending or Attacking - May 21, 2023

Acts 21:17-22:21

The Apostle Paul's ministry is one that has been active in advancing the Gospel in places where it was not been known. But now, in the last stage of his ministry, he will spend much of his time defending the Gospel truth against his accusers.

Paul teaches us great lessons on how a humble response gains more Gospel opportunities. Those who are surrendered to Christ, will defend the truth of the Gospel, instead of maliciously fighting to defend themselves or attacking others. In the midst of persecution and opposition, Paul stood boldly on what He knew about Christ. It is easy for modern day Christians to overlook what they know about Christ and to focus on the attack that is right in front of them, but like Christ, we need to train ourselves to look to the eternal reward as we stand boldly in the face of opposition.

Proclaiming and Defending the Gospel - Acts 21.17-22.21 - Study Guide
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