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A Well-Oiled Machine - Discussion Guide: July 24, 2022

Acts 6:1-7

Have you ever experienced working with a team that functioned well together? Everyone knew their role. Everyone accomplished their tasks with excellence. And the finished product was a success. Even more so, the cooperation of the team makes for greater effectiveness and joyfulness through the process.

In Acts, as God has established the early church and as God was increasing their number, He now begins to lead them to better organization and focus in their leadership. I believe that God is setting the groundwork in Acts 6 for what later becomes the job description of the Elders and Deacons; the two focused offices for church servants. And just like in this story, we know that when the church utilizes these positions correctly, God greatly blesses the church and its ministry.

A Well Oiled Machine - Acts 6.1-7 - Study Guide
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