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Join us in a challenge to have an intentional summer with your family. 

Bucket List Challenge

We take summers off from our Wednesday Night Redemption Kids Program in order to allow our families to have more time together throughout the summer. However with families traveling and kids out of school, the summer weeks become a great time to begin forming intentional habits with your family. So, we have put together a fun Family Bucket List Challenge to help families utilize their time well this summer. 

Join us in this fun challenge and try to complete as many intentional families activities on the Bucket List. We have found that sometimes we need help jumpstarting healthy rhythms within our families. Feel free to encourage other families to join the challenge, and remember that any movement forward in intentional living is a win.

Whether you join us in this challenge or not, we would like to provide you with a great family devotion called "Wise Up". This 10-minute devotion resource creates great conversations for the family from the godly wisdom written in the book of Proverbs. Pick up this resource from the Kid's Ministry Check-in Desk at church.

How the challenge works

Pick up a Bucket List from church or download it below.

Complete as many activities as you can with your family this summer.

Mark off each completed activity and bring the Bucket List sheet to Redemption Kids on August 10 for a prize.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy intentional time with your family.

Summer Discipleship Activites Bucket List copy.jpg
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